Sunday, April 8, 2012

Back on the site at last:::)))

Sorry for not being here... something or someone hacked my accounts or google did something.. who knows.. anyway, couldn't get into twitter either... months have passed and some of those little predictions that I had called have done O.K.  My portfolio is looking alot better for it too!....LOL!

I have been going over a few charts this wkend and it looks like we could be going lower..... the Non- farm jobs report was just terrible.. but we could have told the Goverment this now couldn't we.... The problem even if the jobs reports are great is that  the jobs out there are just $10 jobs.  Most people can just manage to put gas in their car on those wages... so if thats all the jobs that we have guess what happens to Housing?

Thats right... down the toilet again... its a never ending circle ... either better paying jobs or people will continue to loose their homes.   Gas prices have helped car makers again... Little cars are HOT< HOT!  and so are $80,000 Lexus's.... funny how that works...   Hey and its been 20yrs since buying a car with A/C was an option...  they are nickle and diming the public to death.. and how about those hidden tax hits on your electric bill and internet services... they've got to get the revenue somewhere.    OK enough of the horse-shit that I can shovel your way and I am guessing you already knew about......

My turn date was the 4th of April on my last call to a friend, since I could not tell any of you out there.... our cycle turns seem to be 180 days right now RR, and RK.  If I am wrong on this call, then we could go up 30 more for a new High...and we could then have that nice looking H&S pattern inside of a Supercycle 4th wave...Thats my tentative view... short   or scenerio #1.... #2... looks like this to me.. we go up till the Olympics again... same version as Bejing 4yrs ago... then we slide... but this is an election yr... that the only bad on that one... so   #3     we go down till around oct...then we go up for all new High... and by going down I mean we probably are in a 4th wave of the final 5th of this ending diagonal triangle or H&S pattern... but we could go up as high as 1580-1650 area on S&P.... Ok,, these are a few of my ideas, thoughts... so let me know what you all think.... good or bad... the next year will be very interesting... Hope everyone has a Happy Easter...>L

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Hi RK, and RR, and anyone else that is out there.  I hope that both of you have enjoyed your holiday time so far.  Sorry that I have not been updating the site, but so far we had just reached the predicted area that I had mentioned way back in Oct., and RK, I hope that you capitalized well on that turn date, it was right on the $$$$...  Nice call.  I am honestly still looking for a double top at the 1300 area on S&P, even though we are down nicely today.. 90 days is approaching around the 4th of Jan. so that could end this move... but it could also bounce till the 180 ends in march... just the opposite bounce from the "09" scenerio,  so, just buckle up, and keep looking at safe stocks like DUK, wow what a move it has made. Deregulation has done the electric co.'s well. 
Happy New Year to all, and a prosperous 2012 to everyone!  Especially you two!  later L

Monday, October 3, 2011

$VIX and futures

At the end of the day Futures ended down with a mighty splash!, and since 7p.m eastern time they have remained flat.  This move in what seems to be wave 1 of wave 5 down has just started... we should bounce in the morning since we made a new low in the $SPX and that bounce should be the 2nd wave up in wave 5.. and sometime tomorrow around early afternoon from what I can tell we should start the 3 of 3 of 5 down...  Looking at the dow I see 10,500 as a possible low, but others are calling 10,300 , In the $SPX I am looking for 1070-1050... others are looking from 1048-1065.... from the selling pressure at the end of the day... its possible that we fall even further...and I would not be surprised if we do not fall further... Rr, I have changed my turn date back to the 11-14th and I even have possibity of going into NOV..TZA took off like a rocket too... up over $8 so look at the Russel next stop that I have for tza is $80 .. let me know what you think... gotta run... have a good night guys and gals..>L

Monday, September 26, 2011

IMF may need billions in extra funding...

I luv the british tabloids, if you need the real news go there... here's       and I think that Maria had this guy on not too long ago..     Geee whizzzzzzzz is that enough... Protesters in NYPD land ....spraying pepper sray and arresting those sacrificial lambs off of the Wall street!!!!!!! what  all of that in just a few days... hummm wonder what is next?????   the old wall of worry is getting thick and people all over the world are about to panick... civil unrest could occur at anytime...

Upside potential is whaning a good fight from what I see tonight... it is getting closer and we should turn  down from what I see either tomorrow or Wed.  but Clorox could be the buy of the yr in just a few days...
so keep your eyes on that ... but still looking for the 1070 ish area... same turning area that you have RR...oct 4th give or take a few days... the top should be in tomorrow and bottom by the 4th..... goodnight>L

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Futures up....but Greece is still the best Movie....

Ok, Asia is lower,  Michael Vicks breaks his arm, Obama is campaigning already,  and Merkell is trying to save a dying Greece.  If Greece goes who is next?   Foreclosures in the U.S. where up again in the mo. of August.                                                                                              

OK, we have alot to cover tonight...  this gives all the Pivots for almost anything covered or smotherd on wall street.  

So, now you know fib pivots, and cam levels... it makes it easier to set yourself up for the next few days...

From what I see at the moment we are at a very close bottom of this wave... but we could have a very quick A/B/C move that could last just a few days... so Tues is very important in my opinion and the 1150ish area is very important... we could go up (futures are indicating that already) but I am looking for this to just be a quick move, and down we go again.... EW is calling for further downside movement too... broad range targets between 1050-1070.  Well, we have to look at the possibility that we are very oversold too... so Upside potential from what I see... is 1170... and if we go higher than 1180, well, the bulls are back in town.

I am watching the Colts vs. Pitts game... Rothisberger has gotten slower....and is getting sacked alot tonight.... Colts look good... but never drive in Indy after a game is let out... they are all drunk behind the wheel ... bad really bad there..... and can anyone tell me whats UP with the Long Hair in FOOTBALL.... its awonder their brains have not been pulled out from under those Helments...LOL!  ....... Have a good day trading tomorrow... Later.L

Thursday, September 8, 2011

China CPI Very important for tomorrow's trading.... and then their is OBAMA...

You need to Pass this right away..... pass what... tax cuts... the American Jobs Act... You need to pass this right away... thats about all I hear at this moment.... they could have just given all of us a million dollars each and this would all go away... instead they just keep spending Trillions... I think this President stands Neutral with me... he reminds me of Ronald Reagan... great speaker...good actor... good man inside... but his Congress and Senate are not even clapping... Oh.... the times are a changing..... OK  enough of the Obama plan...

China CPI..... this # tomorrow will be important....  very.... important...        

The weather is a changing too....       OK, I gotta run... but his speech is nothing new....boring... later>L